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Ever since gaining popularity in early 2018, scooters have had an increasing presence in cities across the country, including locations in Virginia. Alongside the scooter popularity rise has been a rise of scooter accidents. Numerous scooter riders have suffered serious injuries, and so have pedestrians who have been hit by scooter riders. There has even been a reported death of a Dallas man who passed away shortly after a scooter accident.

At Breit Cantor Grana Buckner, our personal injury attorneys are always staying ahead of news stories, trends, accident statistics, and more to better serve our clients. We are well-equipped and ready to take your personal injury claim if you were hurt in a scooter accident. Your recovery, fair treatment, and comfort are our top priorities.

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Who Can Be Held Liable for a Scooter Accident?

Figuring out liability and bringing a claim against the correct party may be the most difficult part of your scooter accident claim. Unless you are familiar with the nuances of Virginia’s liability laws, it could be an uphill challenge to create a claim against the right party. Thankfully, you can remove any guesswork from your claim by letting our Virginia scooter accident lawyers handle everything for you.

Parties who could be liable for your scooter accident and resulting injuries may include:

  • Scooter company: For many scooter accidents reported in the news, the scooter company itself seems to be at-fault for peoples’ injuries. Defects with the scooters, like faulty brakes, tires, and handlebars, can cause a rider to lose control and crash. There is also a matter of liability caused by the company freely renting out scooters that can travel up to 20 miles per hour on flat roads to anyone without offering any training or safety equipment. The company also does not have a safety net in place to ensure people are not tampering with scooters left on the street.
  • Motorist: Drivers need to share the road with scooter riders as they would any other type of pedestrian transportation. Failing to do so could cause a crash with a rider that was not the rider’s fault. The man in Dallas who lost his life is believed to have been hit by a vehicle that fled the scene, but it has not been confirmed.
  • Rider: We can also help you with a scooter accident claim if you were struck by a negligent scooter rider. As aforementioned, riders get no training before being able to use a scooter. They may have no control of their vehicle and crash into you. People across the country have been hit while they were walking down the sidewalk, crossing the street, exiting storefronts, and so on.

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Our Virginia scooter accident attorneys are here to make certain you have the legal support you need to file a successful claim. We are known throughout the state as steadfast and honest personal injury lawyers for the wrongfully injured. No matter the extent of your injuries or the types of damages you are deserved, we will be prepared to elevate your case and pursue justice on your behalf.

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